All you need to know about pSTAKE Finance

pSTAKE Finance has grown so massively in TVL since its launch and has made liquid staking the most talked about on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It recently announced its airdrop distribution for PoS users who have staked $ATOM on Osmosis and the pSTAKE Finance, holders of $XPRT, and also stakers on validators chain on the Persistence ecosystem.

Even with all announcements known or shared, there’s still more to know about pSTAKE. In this article, you will learn what pSTAKE is all about, how it accrues value for holders, its sources of revenue, its growth, and an easy-peasy step of using the pSTAKE Finance

The pSTAKE Finance provides a lot of benefits to users who participate in liquid stakings offering them a huge increase in the protocol’s revenues. Its growth has really accelerated bringing about huge pSTAKE support on new assets which would be implemented soon enough, sustained growth in TVL, and also enhanced utility of the stkTokens which would be used as collateral assets.

pSTAKE Finance sources of revenues are gotten through minting fees which entails more on collecting minted pTokens to users during the wrapping process before staking and also service fees which are extracted in a small portion of the staking rewards.

pSTAKE Finance aims to capture users in the Proof-of-Stake market and it has been proven that it's so large on the crypto space in TVL and also in numbers of stakers. pSTAKE Finance possesses all this in few areas:

Team: As one of the products built on the Persistence Ecosystem, pSTAKE Finance growth is moving so fast through the help of its team. The team has provided a better way of seamless way of making huge passive incomes through liquid staking conquering the PoS market in no time.

Product: They built a staking-as-a-service product at Persistence that gained deep relationships with key validators and networks such as Cosmos Network, Polkadot, Terra Money, etc. For this reason, the existing ecosystem is ready to support the launch and growth of pSTAKE.

Using pSTAKE Finance is very easy to use. In case you are considering staking on pSTAKE Finance, follow these 3 steps:

1. Connect Wallet: The wallet supported are the Ethereum wallets, Cosmos wallets, and the Ledger Wallets.

2. Wrap TOKENs: For now, only $ATOM are implemented for staking

3. Stake TOKENs

To read more extensively about how to use the pSTAKE Finance, Check the article below:

About pSTAKE Finance

Liquid staking protocol unlocking the liquidity of staked PoS assets — Bringing PoS assets to DeFi.

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About Persistence

Persistence is an interoperable protocol built to facilitate the creation of next-gen financial products. The Persistence tech stack provides the infrastructure to effectively bridge the realms of DeFi and traditional finance in various areas whilst also enabling the creation of innovative crypto-facing solutions to expand the DeFi and NFT sectors.

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