AMA session Recap between Unreal Finance and Satoshi Club

2 min readMay 21, 2021

Unreal Finance is known for being an unrealized-yield-futures platform where users can lock in fixed interest rates for both lending and borrowing.

On the 27th of April, 2021, Ishan Garg, Founder at Unreal Finance was hosted by Satoshi Club, few questions were asked and the conversation was thus:

Gold Rocket — Hello, dear Satoshi Club! Today our guest is Ishan Garg from Unreal Finance!

Ishan Garg — Hi everyone

Gold Rocket — Introduce yourself. How did you get to be involved in crypto & Unreal Finance?. Tell us please about yourself and your position in Unreal Finance.

Ishan Garg — Hi everyone, I am Ishan Garg, founder of Unreal Finance. Prior to Unreal Finance, I was the head of BD for OKEx India.
Like everyone else, I too was quite active in the yield farming space during Defi summer and kind of noticed the frustrating problem of fluctuations in interest rate and this problem led to the solution which would later the basis of Unreal Finance. Unreal Finance tokenizes the future yield of an underlying protocol effectively creating a new synthetic asset class — something similar to interest rate swap markets of traditional finance.

D. — So you decided to start this project not long time ago? are you working alone, or you have team partners?

Ishan Garg — We are a team of 4 people — 2 brilliant smart contract developers and some amazing marketing people.

Gold Rocket — Are you an anonymous team?

Ishan Garg — Not really. We are currently updating our website with the new information.

Gold Rocket — Tell us about the benefits of Unreal Finance. How is it different from others platforms?

Ishan Garg — Sure. One of the biggest benefit of Unreal Finance is that Unreal Finance allows people to lock-in their interest rate in lending protocol/farm — that is even if the interest rate drop, a person gets their desired interest rate.

Moreover, users can now speculate on the interest rate (long interest rate or short them depending on the market) in a more capital-efficient way.

One of the key differences between us and lending protocols/farms is that we allow the above advantages — Moreover, through Unreal Finance a user gets the entire interest rate upfront which they can reuse in a different lending protocol, thus maximizing their earned interest.




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