AMA Session with Pavelbains

Hello everyone, it’s Precious and in this article, I will be giving you a rundown of the AMA session done between Pavel Bains, CEO Bluzelle today.

Here are few questions thrown and the inciteful answers given by Pavel Bains

Q1. so when roughly time frame for mainnet?

A1. I would say in the next 30 days. But I wont give a specific date until we have it all tested and working and can then do a proper countdown and know we can lunch it live in 1 week.

Q2. Hi Pavel, Do you have plans to create a data marketplace similar to what ocean protocol is doing?

A2. Not for 2021. Our focus is pushing Bluzelle Oracles as the first killer app on top of Bluzelle DB. At the same time launch larger developer programs so they can build on Bluzelle.

Q3. Why do you think other storage coins have done so poorly despite the success of Filecoin?

A3. Filecoin had a lot of anticipation for 3 years. It was natural for them to take some of the spotlight from everyone else. Now with BTC back on top, and ALTS taking a break, everyone corrects. But Decentralized Storage is now on everyones mind for Web 3, so the next ALT push will be driven with Decentralized Storage.

Q4. Does Bluzelle intend to work with non blockchain companies to bring them into the decentralised data space. Is the demand for such a service?

A4. They are still not ready. We are just now getting big companies to understand bitcoin. So using decentralized tech is still new to them. We keep in contact with some. But to focus a lot of our efforts on them would be waste of resources. Let’s focus on the crypto projects first and the big companies I talked about earlier who are into doing something together.

Q5. Do you intend to work with the gaming industry. I feel this would be huge in 2021

A5. I dont think gaming is big in 2021. I came from the space and keep in contact with many gaming studios. They are making a lot of money in the traditional world. I see them integrating blockchain in 2022/2023.

Q6. Hello Pavel Bains. I looked at the history of this project, and i have questions:

i) About Bluzelle’s partnerships with:

(2018) ICON, QTUM, Wanchain, Quadrant Protocol; Swipe, Phanasma Chain…etc..

(2020) Matic; Elrond; Polkadot; Tomochain;… etc….

It all looks like a “subscriber exchange” (how two “bloggers” decided to advertise each other’s accounts)

Please show at least one working result [news/links/proof], where you did something together, and it works now?

I saw the past news about the partnerships. But i did not see even one action after the conclusion of the partnership.

I think it’s logical to ask about this. Because otherwise, it just looks like a subscriber exchange & nothing more.

ii) When updates happen to third-party systems (Ubuntu, Cosmos), then you have problems

as time shows now.

How will you guys solve this in the future? Indeed, at the moment it turns out that your platform will not be stable..

Why did you move away from the original idea, build your Ecosystem? And not integrate into another?

Don’t you think that due to this integration, Bluzelle has become dependent on others?

Bluzelle is no longer positioning itself as a standalone platform. You are now addicted to Cosmos.

What will you do if these platforms do not notify you next time and you are again not ready to change?

iii) Why don’t you enter the American exchange? You had 2 years, but I don’t see more than one American exchange. Does your company not have the ability to do this due to legal problems?

iv) You positioned yourself as an platform for IoT, Games. What are the successes? Who are your customers, developers, companies? Are there names, at least one or more, please?

v) Who is from the non-cryptoindustry, which companies are cooperating with you?

vi) You’ve had good price growth this summer. Have you been able to turn the resulting profit into new opportunities for the company?


(1) 2018 projects change and go different ways. Lots has evolved since. 2020 Projects we just announced. With Matic we have a developer program going. With Polkadot the integration is happening now. Others are waiting for the Oracles v1 to be ready to test next month. Lots of value being created.

(2) Once we have the mainnet out with this current version of Cosmos, we will be good on our own. When Cosmos releases a new version, we dont have to upgrade to it. We can do so after we have tested it fully while we run our own mainnet. Only when fully confident do we need to change.

(3) Coinbase chooses who they list. We are on the radar. We are already on the best non US exchanges. And the rest of the world drives the majority of volume, not just the US.

(4) That was in 2019, had some tests with companies but those are NDA and we discovered too early for them. Thats why we remain focused on crypto projects. And I’ve said before, non blockchain companies are still a year or so away. We’ve learned and adapted.

(5) We cannot name the companies we are speaking with right now. NDA.

(6) We have been able to secure some more talent and make plans for how to grow the ecosystem. The big area we need to further develop is the developer community.

It was a one of a kind AMA has the answers to the questions were satisfactory

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