Bitcoin — What it is & How to Buy on the Scallop Exchange

Here’s why 👇

  • Accessibility & Transparency — Bitcoin can be sent to anyone, anywhere across the world with an internet connection. The software that constitutes the core of Bitcoin is free and open-source so anyone can review the code.
  • Privacy & Security — You don’t need to provide any personal information when using Bitcoin. None of your personal information is being sent over the internet and therefore there is a minimized risk of fraud.
  • Safety — Looking at the crypto record, in over 10 years of existence, the Bitcoin network has never been successfully hacked.

Now let’s look at how Bitcoin works and the best way to buy & sell

  • Sign up(for new users) or login(for existing users).
  • Go to the “Trade” icon and then click on “Classic”.
  • Search for BTC in the search box on the right window.
  • Select ‘’Market order’’ and simply enter the amount you’d like to buy.

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