One painful thing in the world is having good writing skills, expending all energy in writing good articles, getting good views on social media or blogging platforms and not getting paid for your immense effort.

How do you feel sitting at your comfort zone, using your knowledge and writing skills in order to earn Money?

Yes, it sound sound so outrageous, earning form your comfort zone either form the house, office or anywhere writing just articles for projects and getting paid for it. Cateredcontent is here to show you how to earn.

Cateredcontent is a platform that’s allows users or article writers earn through single or multiple cryptocurrency related projects. As we all know, new cryptocurrency projects emerges day by day and for the whole world to really know more about it, it has to undergo series of airdrops and advertisements to result to more participation in their IEO and ICO.

Cateredcontent has partnered with most of this cryptocurrency companies in order to launch series of writing contests and events for users to participate and earn either steem or other cryptocurrency token. Like I said rewards are distributed in form of steem or cryptocurrency toke, since blockchain has proven to be a problem solver in our different aspect of life from the banking system, financing system, centralized and decentralized exchanges and many others. Cateredcontent has chosen to work with most of this blockchain companies in order to allow active users earn by writing.

Just like the maxim of life “Time is money”, Cateredcontent has really made it possible for all writers or users to take any topic of their choice and also do justice to it for a specified period of time. As articles are being posted on the platform, more projects are added to keep all active users or writers busy.

In order to opt in or get started on Cateredcontent, here are just few steps that make things easier in getting rewards on platform :

Getting started on CateredContent is easy!
* Sign-up through
* Edit your profile and add an Ethereum address
* Pick an event and submit your entry
* Once the event is done, your prize will arrive in your address!

Just like the stage of life, you move from cradle to adulthood, the Cateredcontent platform is just like the stage of life, everybody starts as a fish and level up depending on the number of entries being submitted by active users. The amazing thing that will happen I will be the nearest future is that a reward system will be provided for all ranks achieved on the platform.

This contest is organized by Cateredcontent, To participate click here:

Cateredcontent content Username: Mr-Pandy



Content Creator || Blockchain Ambassador || Public Speaker || Community Management. Reach out to me:

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Content Creator || Blockchain Ambassador || Public Speaker || Community Management. Reach out to me: