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Just like they say a baby doesn’t remain the same from the cradle, once growth starts, he/she advances to becoming a teen with the gradual process of growing to an adult. This mechanism can be observed on the Comdex ecosystem, it started with the integration, the launch and now it has recorded massive progress in TVL on all staked assets on several validators, also recorded mass adoption in holders of $CMDX token, and also massive TVL recorded on all staked LPs on several decentralized exchanges on the cosmos ecosystem.

The Native token of COMDEX has been utilized in diverse ways just to see its users benefit from all current happenings in democratizing finance for the world. Before looking at a few solutions Comdex offers to users in accessing financial products and services, let's delve a bit to know what the $CMDX utility offers.

$CMDX Token Utility

$CMDX token can be used in several ways and in this article, you will be knowing more about how you can put your $CMDX to good use.

Native Token: The utility token powers the network’s staking economy. What this means is that it can be delegated to some network called validators to earn more $CMDX. Sounds interesting right!

To mean via staking, $CMDX has to delegate to available validators or staking stations offering a certain #APY or #APR. Not all validators are secure but Comdex got you covered. Currently, there are four staking platforms that offer delegation of $CMDX, these platforms offer juicy #APR alongside security to assets delegated. To participate in Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Join the following staking platform

Rewards: $CMDX serves as a means of rewards to all users benefitting through the Comdex network via staking, liquidity pool participation, holdings, etc.

Collateralization: Collateralized holdings are provided to allow users to create and trade synthetic cAssets.

A sneak peek of the Comdex DEX is shown below. The DEX shows how seamless transactions on collateralization of cAssets, CSwaps, all with a better UI being put in place for users to enjoy.

Governance: $CMDX holders make critical decisions. As proof of its support for democracy, Comdex allows holders of its tokens to share their views on how the platform should be governed. To vote, a tiny amount of CMDX is staked, and the user would have to sign the transaction with their wallet for authentication.

Comdex Solutions

Comdex is aimed at creating a wide range of solutions for its users in order to provide access to financial products and services. Its products are built to bring further efficiency, transparency, and trust to the commodity and finance industries.

Its interoperable solutions provided are as follows:

  • Synthetics — Here, the creation of synthetic assets will aid users to get more exposed in bridging decentralized finance (DeFi) and centralized finance (CeFi) allowing a democratized finance to be integrated.
  • Enterprise Trading Platform — This platform was created by Comdex to proffer solutions in curbing problems relatable to trust and efficiency in the commodity trade industry. This solution will help provide SMEs/MSMEs with better access to financing to users.
  • ShipFi — This integration would provide solutions in bringing trade finance debt and receivable assets on-chain to obtain liquidity from DeFi investors.

Looking at all benefits Comdex is offering to its end users, you can say for sure that its growth recorded has gone beyond massive. Be an early adopter today!

About Comdex

Comdex’s synthetics protocol unlocks access to a vast set of commodity debt assets and liquidity, making the flow of capital from DeFi to CeFi seamless.

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