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Looking at how Comdex has really progressed since its launch, a quick and efficient way has been provided to look at and evaluate the company’s financial strength in addition to the company’s overall financial stability and financial obligation. The journey started with a vision to create interworking solutions to access financial products and services in the commodities space.

Comdex is determined to build solutions that will bridge the gap between decentralized finance(DeFi) and centralized finance (CeFi). Its decentralized synthesis protocol brings about efficiency, transparency, and trust to commodity and trade finance industries providing seamless access to global assets and liquidity.

Before the utility token got launched, Comdex already made huge achievements which led to better integrations and partnerships. Some of their major achievements are;

  • COMDEX launched its enterprise trading — November 2018.

Recently, $CMDX launched a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP)on the osmosis zone. Quickly, for those wondering what an LBP is, this article got you covered.

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool(LBP)

An LBP(liquidity bootstrapping pool) is a revolutionary token launch mechanism for projects looking to offer the most efficient and fair token launch. The mechanism to which LBPs works are very simple, the price of the token declines during three(3)days until the pool weight is 50%. This means that the public decides the price at which $CMDX should be traded.

The LBP mechanism avoids “whales”(individuals or entities that hold large amounts of coins on a single address) manipulating the token price. For instance, if a whale decides to buy a big chunk of the available $CMDX, thus spiking the price, other buyers can wait for the price to naturally fall until it has reached a final target.

Now, this is the most exciting part. The final target of the $CMDX token will be decided by the buyers. making it a free market. If the buyers decide that the token is overpriced, it continues to fall naturally until a final target is reached.

there are a lot of benefits attached to LBPs on the Comdex ecosystem and below are a few of them:

  1. Security, fairness and transparency.

A liquidity pool(LP) is a mechanism by which users can pool their assets in a Decentralized exchange (DEX) smart contract to provide asset liquidity for traders to swap between currencies. There’s an external incentivized liquidity pool live on the osmosis zone:




  • They ensure there is enough liquidity for DeFi protocols, especially decentralized exchanges and lending platforms.

About Comdex

Comdex’s synthetics protocol unlocks access to a vast set of commodity debt assets and liquidity, making the flow of capital from DeFi to CeFi seamless.

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Content Creator || Blockchain Ambassador || Public Speaker || Community Management. Reach out to me: