COMDEX: The Journey in August


4 min readSep 1, 2022

The month of August was a month of numerous achievements in the Comdex Ecosystem and community.

Despite the tantrums thrown at Comdex and its products in Late July and early August, the project stood its ground, went on with its plans, and proved to be one that would stand the test of time.

In the ecosystem, there were loads of product testings, listing on platforms, and recognition by individuals and projects.

This article will give its readers an overview of the achievements recorded in the Comdex ecosystem throughout the month of August.

The Journey Begins

The journey of never-ending achievements in August began when an announcement was made that $CMST had been minted on the Harbor protocol testnet, and that the team was testing the app before releasing it to the public to test.

Shortly after, updates from the development team were released, stating that the team was testing the apps of Harbor protocol (the platform for minting the cosmos-native stablecoin), cSwap (an orderbook-style interchain DEX built on Comdex), and Commodo Finance (Comdex’s lending and borrowing platform).

You can find the full information on that here.

Not long after the development updates from the team came, projects took to Twitter to express their excitement as a result of their integration with Comdex.

One of them was ChainTool services (a blockchain technology that offers staking opportunities to users, through the projects and chains integrated with them). They announced that they were providing RPC/API services to chains they validate, of which Comdex is one.

Towards the end of the month, announcements came in from cSwap and Harbor that their testnets had gone live, and that users could start trading, and minting the $CMST stablecoin on their respective platforms. A walkthrough blog was posted to guide users on how to use the testnets, and how to request faucets of $CMDX, $ATOM, and $OSMO on the Comdex Discord server. You can find the cSwap walk-through in this Twitter post, and the Harbor walk-through in this.

Another exciting announcement that came in was from KnowYourStaFi, notifying the public that Liquid Staking was coming to $CMDX and some other assets in the Cosmos ecosystem. Liquid Staking allows stakers to carry out DeFi activities using their staked assets (a feature that the conventional staking doesn’t allow). KnowYourStaFi also announced that this functionality would soon be ready for utilisation on mainnet.

The announcements kept coming in, showing that the ecosystem was expanding.

Allnodes (a platform that offers non-custodial nodes hosting and staking services) announced that Comdex had been listed on their platform. It meant that users could stake $CMDX to receive Annual Percentage Returns (APR).

Cosmosverse showed their excitement when they made a post on Twitter that they had interviewed Siddarth Patil of Comdex, and that Comdex’s products and features like the stablecoin, lending/borrowing, and DEX would be live at Cosmosverse. That would expose Comdex and its products to more users. You can watch the video of the interview here.

Harbor Protocol made an announcement to its testers that it was time for the second version (v2) of its testnet. The second version came with some added features like:

  • Full functionalities of Locker under the "Earn" tab.
  • Vesting functionality to lock $HARBOR and get $veHARBOR (available under the "More" tab).
  • Supporting of ledger.

They also added that some transaction issues from the ledger would be supported in v3, like:

  • Place bids under the "Auctions" tab.
  • Fetch interest txn in the "Mint" tab.
  • Fetch reward txn under the "Withdraw" section in the "Earn" tab.

To end the month of August, the governance proposal 33 voting on Kujira to deploy $CMDX <> axlUSDC FIN Market ended, and the proposal passed, with 99.99% voting in favour of the proposal. The CMDX <> axlUSDC market is now open on FIN for liquidity bootstrapping. You can check it out here.

Before the end of the month, Commodo Finance (the lending and borrowing platform of Comdex) had made a post that their testnet was still loading (about 80% at the time of their post). That means we will be jumping on the testnet in a few hours or days.


It was indeed a blissful month for Comdex and members of its community.

If you’re not a part of the community yet, do well to join. You can also stay updated on all that is happening in the ecosystem, by looking up their Website, Twitter, Telegram, and Medium.

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