Equilibrium Blast Program & Reward Bonus(1.5x Multiplier)

3 min readApr 12, 2023

Equilibrium is known for its user-friendly and rewarding products. Through staking pools, liquidity mining programs, and other initiatives, Equilibrium has been offering high APRs even before $EQ was launched on centralized exchanges.

In contrast, traditional banks offer much lower dividends or rewards on assets saved for years. This is why many adopters are turning to the cryptocurrency ecosystem for better returns.

To incentivize users to participate in the liquidity mining program, Equilibrium recently introduced the EQ Blast program. The liquidity mining program provides users with more earning opportunities and increased rewards, with annual rates of up to over 90%, in exchange for providing liquidity over a period of activity.

This program allocates 1.5% of the total supply of $EQ tokens to liquidity providers. EQ staking enables users to increase their farming rewards by up to 3.4x by locking their EQ tokens for a period ranging from 1 to 24 months.

EQ Staking + EQ Blast = Maximum APR of 90%

To participate in the program, users must first deposit funds such as DOT, $EQD, or $USDC into their wallets. EQ Blast introduces farming rewards for deposits into Lending, Insurance, and Stableswap pools, which can be earned through a range of strategies every eight hours with assets locked for six months.

Here are the four pools and their corresponding APRs:

  • Insurance Pool: Users secure the system by insuring loans and earn up to 15% in APR.
  • Lending Pool: Users collateralize assets in liquidity which would be lent by the protocol, earning up to 10% APR.
  • DOT Liquid Staking: Users delegate their DOT assets to earn liquid eqDOT, with an APR of 12%.
  • Stableswap Pool: Users provide liquidity with the EQD & USDC pair to earn 10% APR using Stableswap.

You can check it out here: https://app.equilibrium.io/earn/strategies

In addition, users can generate yield using stablecoins or any asset supported by Equilibrium in the Farming Pool. To mint the Equilibrium stablecoin — EQD, users can choose to provide USDC, USDT, WETH, DOT, or eqDOT obtained from staked DOT.

To further reward long-term supporters, Equilibrium offers a 1.5x multiplier on every yield earned by community members who participate in all Equilibrium events. Eligibility for this bonus requires being a NUT/EQ swap participant since 2020, a KSM & DOT crowd loan supporter, an xDOT staker, a staker or delegator on Equilibrium, and an active participant on Equilibrium social media channels like Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Using any KUSAM products like Genshiro also qualifies.

To claim the EQ Blast opportunity and earn over 90% in APR, users just need to follow a few steps. Time is limited, so grab your extra 1.5x multiplier here: https://gleam.io/HxxP7/eq-blast-15x-multiplier

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