Features & Utilization of the Panther Protocol

Some key features of Panther include:

  • zAssets: A new asset class that is interoperable, fully collateralized, and has privacy-preserving attributes. zAssets are engineered to be DeFi-composable.
  • Confidentiality: Panther provides users with the opportunity to choose or select the level of privacy they want to attain at a transaction level.
  • Privacy for any digital asset: Panther is not limited by Layer1 or type1 asset. Its privacy features can expand to any digital asset.
  • Interoperability: Since there will always be a need for cross-chain transactions, Panther protocol provides a private DEX module to enable these cross-chain transactions. Also, this DEX module can allow DeFI pioneers to bridge their assets privately with low latency and fees.

The Key use-cases of Panther are:

  1. DeFi and a fully private crypto economy.
  2. Digital Identity: Panther Protocol has the ability to show a series of characteristics about a particular user without having to disclose or share unnecessary personal information about the user.
  3. Tax Disclosure: The capacity to share a set of transactions with government officials for the purpose of determining taxable funds.
  4. Transaction Monitoring: With Panther, a transaction's validity and appropriateness can be proven to an authority.
  • Credit Scoring: Panther can help to establish a series of behaviors by selectively disclosing a series of payments in a given time.
  • Private Voting: Thanks to Panther's effort, any project in the crypto sphere can conduct private Voting rounds and can even launch in a decentralized manner.



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