Gingr: The Blockchain Platform for worldwide direct end to end booking platform for prostitution

4 min readMar 19, 2019

The Gingr platform is a platform which allows end to end booking for prostitution using the blockchain smart contract technology. This will make things very user friendly in the booking and paying of sex workers service using the Gingr token(GGC)

The GGC is designed as a pure payment token or cryptocurrency with the aim of offering digital communication solution worldwide especially in the internet and also the general multimedia application.

Since he launch of the Gingr platform in 2016, there has been a massive and study growth in revenue and employees and also the organization. To make things go more easier, locally and worldwide, Gingr platform has made international domain and local domain to market locally to each country and to each country around the world in the future.

The vision of the company is to create a currency for the use of prostitution service. All sex workers also called Gingr can include men, women and transgender as the case maybe are given greater security for those of whom are often the most vulnerable in the society.

One advantage of using the Gingr blockchain platform is that it provides a well detailed financial transactions between service providers, their customers and other parties , stored in an immutable ledger.

The company building the GGC on a smart blockchain contract designed the pure payment token for the specific used in global payment of the sex market alongside a decentralized peer-to-peer(p2p) movement. The most amazing thing is that the Gingr blockchain platform is the 1st organization to leverage the block-chain smart contract in promoting a community to the systematization of prostitution industry.

Prostitution all over the world are ran by pimps block-chain marketing, making it way more illegal. But how can it be legalized?

Gingr using the block-chain platform will make prostitution to sex workers and customers regulated and more safe. Also, it being legalized and regulated, i became very difficult o control. The Gingr platform also proffered solution by providing a controlled environment in reducing the social impact also granting maximum and greater security in the sense that no man is harmed , providing an already established good market position along side a safer environment for the prostitution industry. Due to legalization of prostitution, rape rate can e drastically reduced or increased.

Modernizing and legalizing the prostitution industry will generate more assurance, change views and opinion and challenge existing thoughts, moving away from the black market economy to transparent economy.

Solutions implemented in the Gingr platform.

clients, gingr, establishment and agencies, and planned features have a lot of benefits for all sex workers, customers and individuals in the organization.

For client;

(a) clients get access to instant and guaranteed sex.

(b) locate online Gingr and service provider

(c) secure, fast and confidential blockchain payment system wih the GGC token


  • Instant access to customers worldwide
  • Visibility to all nearest potential clients
  • Access to crypto and Fiat account
  • Receive payment directly through the platform

Establishment and Agencies

  • Access to crypto and Fiat Accounts
  • Management features to assist their Gingr bookings
  • Inbuilt geo-locator adventures their business

The big Question is ‘‘ How do the company earn money?’’

As legalization is being adopted around the world, the operation of the prostitution industry will be optimized and it will be highly official with a retained cost efficient operation. The company earns money from:

(a) Gingr Broker services

(b) Advertisements on the blockchain platform

(c) Transaction fees on the Gingr sidechain

(d) Commissions of Instafuck and Hookup Holdings

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