Harbor Protocol: Airdrop and Token Utility

Decentralised applications (dApps) are digital applications or programs that exist and run on a blockchain or peer-to-peer (P2P) network of computers instead of a single computer. DApps have a variety of purposes, but are very popular for their deployment in Finance.

Introducing Harbor Protocol

To get started on how to use the platform please refer to this article . It provides proper guide on how to interact with Harbor Protocol.

The Harbor Protocol had undergone its testing phase and with satisfactory feedback from the community, the Harbor protocol was ready to be deployed on mainnet and is live on its mainnet.

Harbor Airdrop

  • Akash Network ($AKT)
  • Cosmos ($ATOM)
  • Axelar ($AXL)
  • Comdex ($CMDX)
  • Crescent ($CRE)
  • Juno ($JUNO)
  • Osmosis ($OSMO)
  • Regen Network ($REGEN)
  • Sifchain ($ROWAN)
  • Star gaze zone ($STARS)
  • Kava ($KAVA)
  • Umee ($Umee)
  • Kujira ($KUJI)
  • Agoric ($BLD)
  • Ki Foundation ($XKI)
  • Secret ($SCRT)
  • Cronos ($CRO)
  • Evmos ($EVMOS)
  • Injective ($INJ)
  • Asset Mantle ($MNTL)
  • Persistence ($XPRT)
  • Chihuahua ($HUAHUA)
  • LP’s of CMDX/ATOM pool
  • LP’s of CMDX/OSMO pool
  • LP’s of stAtom/Atom pool

Airdrop Allocation Categories


Liquidity Providers

Airdrop Distribution

  • The first 20% is airdropped in the form of $HARBOR tokens to enable users to take part in the governance and working of the Harbor Protocol.
  • The remaining 80% of the tokens are airdropped in the form of $veHARBOR, having a lock-in period of 4 months, which will start upon completing tasks.

For a few chains like Secret Network($SCRT), Agoric ($BLD), Persistence ($XPRT), and Cronos ($CRO), users would have to perform a special transaction (i.e magic transaction) to validate their address. More information on that can be found in this blog.

For all other pools and chains which are not listed under the Magic transaction, users will receive their $Harbor and $veHarbor airdrop in their Comdex wallets by completing the simple tasks below:

  • Vote on any proposal on the Harbor Protocol.
  • Mint CMST on Harbor using any collateral.
  • Lend CMST on the Commodo platform.
  • LP on Cswap dex in the ATOM/CMDX pool and Farm these LP tokens (min duration 1 epoch).
  • Lend $CMST on the Commodo Finance platform to claim the final 20% of the airdrop (added on January 8th, 2023).

Use Cases of Airdropped Tokens

  • Native Utility Token: $HARBOR serves as the native/governance token of the Harbor Protocol. The token can also be locked for a period of 4 months to get $veHARBOR.
  • Recapitalization: $HARBOR token cannot be used for minting $CMST, but is intended to maintain the health of the system in case of exceeding debt in the system, and to be the final backstop to re-peg $CMST token in secondary markets during catastrophic events.
  • Governance: veHARBOR token holders are the primary stakeholders of the protocol. Every unit of the veHARBOR token entitles its holder to 1 vote, which is cast in governance polls that any veHARBOR owner can initiate. A number of governance proposals have been live for voting, and can be found on the Comdex Twitter page.

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Content Creator || Blockchain Ambassador || Public Speaker || Community Management. Reach out to me: ekerekepreciousimeh@gmail.com