Matic Network and It’s Partnerships

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Good day guys, It’s Precious here again bringing you nice contents from the cryptocurrency space and today I will be giving you a brief overview on few of Matic Network Partnerships.

There have been a lot of partnerships so far on the Matic Network Ecosystem evolving a lot of updates and tools built on Matic. This article will encompass more on summarized information of partnership made with Matic Network.

Matic Network is a decentralized blockchain platform which offers or provides a more secure, scalable and instant blockchain transaction using sidechains ensuring the asset security uses the Plasma framework and a decentralized network of Proof of Stakes (PoS) validation. Matic Network grants everyone the opportunity to create scalable DApps ensuring user experience in a secure and decentralized manner.


One reason why the Matic network partnered with Ankr was for scaling research and implementation purposes. Ankr has proven to be one of the leading cryptocurrency computing platforms aimed at using existing resources to drive network making smart approaches at providing good cloud services.

Since Matic Network and Ankr are known for its mutual interest in plasma chain technology, Matic would provide a more efficient, secure decentralized transaction and also provide a code validation service without any need of execution.


What makes a decentralized application what it is, is its accessibility to real world data off-chain and on-chain.

Matic Network partnership with ChainLink aims at providing a platform to users for building of scalable, external connected blockchain application with a more advanced toolset. Its partnership will also provide a platform for DeFi applications to be able to facilitate large scale adoption.


Ethermon is known for its unique collection of NFTs in form of a simulation game, this platform will aid game lovers catch, raise and battle in order to earn NFTs creatures also known as Ethermon.

This gaming and NFT ecosystem have been developed in the Matic Network running as a Validator Node. Matic Network will provide all gamers earning NFTs with high scalability and also a low transaction fee.


Another partnership made with the Matic Network is FreshMatic. FreshMatic is known as a private investment which is focused mainly on SaaS technology companies.

Its partnership made it developed on the Matic Network making them run as a Validator Node. FreshMatic is a Matic Validator operated by Mitera B.V.


DeFi is already becoming the world’s big deal and has made a lot of impact to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Mahadao, an Indian DeFi project made partnership with Matic Network to be a MakerDAO fork built for a stable coin $ARTH on its ecosystem.


Decentralized Finance has grown into being one of the largest and active decentralized network aimed at transforming product into a trustless and transparent protocol.

MANTRA DAO is a distributed autonomous organization serving as a defi platform aimed at staking, lending and governing access to traders and investors. Its partnership with Matic Network will provide high scalability, secure and instant transaction with a reduced gas fee.


The Matic Network has stood its grounds as a savior also in the betting industry. It added one of its partnership with one of the leading blockchain sports betting platform, SportX.

Its partnership with SportX had been a massive move in expanding the growth of Peer-to-Peer(P2P) trading contest participation, fun variety of tournaments also making a decentralized future of sport betting


Creating blocks and checkpoints is variably dependent on a Validator stake. Matic Network partnerships with Stakepool aims at making all Matic holders have the right access in delegating their token to stake points in order to generate a passive income via staking rewards.

Stakepool is developed on the Matic Network making them run as a Validator Node on the Matic Mainett.


The Matic Network made its partnership with Rubic, a multichain exchange for seamless trading.

Benefits of the partnership with Rubic is to provide an enhanced speed and a high scalability for all transactions done via trading


WazirX Bitcoin Exchange is known to be one of Indians biggest cryptocurrency exchange.

Matic Network partnership with WazirX Bitcoin Exchange aims at implementing as Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol with a high scalability and enhanced speed done on all transactions.

This article only covered 10 of Matic Network Partnerships, there have been a lot of partnership which has amounted to the success of Matic Network. Anticipate more articles covering another section of Matic Network Partnerships.

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