Reef DeFi Partnership in the last 24 Hours


Paraswap aggregates multiple decentralized exchanges into one place so that the rates often beat the market price. Paraswap splits orders across multiple exchanges into one optimized and secure transaction. Paraswap also uses (GST2), when possible, so that network fees are cheaper.

StaFi Protocol

Stafi_Protocol is the first DeFi protocol which unlocks liquidity of staked assets, by letting users stake PoS tokens through StaFi’s Staking Contracts and receive rTokens (reward-Token) in return. These rTokens are available for trading while still allowing the user to earn the original staking rewards.


DARWINIA is a cross-chain interoperability bridge solution and a parachain of Polkadot focused on cross-chain token trading. The technology provides support for cross-chain communication and a decentralized cross-chain transaction protocol.


Covalent is the absolute richest blockchain data on the Internet. It currently provides 25 billion rich transactions indexed including every transaction since genesis including 30,000+ price feeds for fiat and crypto pairs, 200K+ smart contracts available with internal data structures for querying and a 30-second refresh rate.

Kava Labs

Kava Labs is the first DeFi project on the Cosmos ecosystem and focuses on providing interoperability to DeFi. Kava Labs platform provides cross-chain DeFi opportunities, collateralized stablecoin loans, and real-time price feeds through Chainlink’s oracle network.



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