Scallop Chain Faucet & How to go about it

3 min readFeb 18, 2023

If you’ve been following articles I post here on medium, you will notice most of them are focused on products built by Scallop Chain. In this article, we will be learning more about what the Scallop Chain Faucet is, how it works, and why it’s an important tool for exploring and understanding the potential of blockchain technology.

What is a blockchain faucet?

  • A blockchain faucet is a website or service that provides users with a small amount of cryptocurrency for testing purposes.
  • They are also apps or websites that give out small crypto rewards in exchange for completing simple tasks.

The Scallop Chain Faucet allows developers and users to explore and experiment with the Scallop blockchain network. Before we head to how you can navigate around the scallop faucet, it would be nice to know what a testnet faucet is

What is a Testnet(Test network) Faucet?

A testnet faucet is a website or service that provides users with a small amount of cryptocurrency for testing purposes on a test network (testnet). This allows developers and users to experiment with the cryptocurrency without using real funds. The coins obtained from a testnet faucet have no real-world value.

Why is Testnets important?

  • Developers use testnets to test their apps, mitigate risks and experiment with blockchain technology.
  • Testnets are a vital component in most blockchain projects today as they provide a safe test environment for developers.
  • There are also security benefits for testnets, allowing for both vulnerability testing as well as educating developers about how the platform works.
  • Non-developers also use testnets to provide a risk-free educational tool for learning about cryptocurrency actions, such as sending or swapping cryptocurrencies or providing liquidity.

From the above benefits, One can see that testnets are an invaluable tool for understanding how a project’s blockchain network works, aiding in many crucial areas of development.

The scallop testnet faucet is one environment where developers and users can try out the Scallop Chain. Here’s a quick and effective guide on how to use the Scallop Faucet 👇

Step 1: Visit Scallop Faucet

Step 2: Enter your wallet address to add funds to your wallet and click on submit.

How to add to Metamask?

1. Install and open your Metamask.

2. Click on “Add network”

3. Fill in the following RPC details and save

Network Name: Scallop Testnet


Chain ID: 9000

Currency Symbol: UTSCLP

4. You will be able to see the Scallop testnet and click on it.

5. Now you will be able to see your UTSCLP funds.

You can now use your faucet to make limitless transactions securely and smoothly.

More about Scallop Chain

Scallop Chain is the world’s first regulated blockchain built on the Cosmos framework on the Tendermint system. This means our chain is compatible with both the Cosmos and EVM blockchains. On Scallop Chain, developers can build:

1. Regulated Wallets

2. Regulated Tokens

3. Regulated Proof of Stake

4. Regulated Substations, and so much more.

Check out the Scallop chain today!




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