Scallop Ecosystem Launches Cryptocurrency Cards for Real-World Spending

2 min readMar 14, 2023

Scallop Chain, a platform that manages both crypto and fiat assets simultaneously, has introduced the Scallop Card to allow users to spend their cryptocurrency funds in the same way as traditional debit or credit cards. These cards are linked to a user’s cryptocurrency wallet and can be physical or virtual. They usually have a chip or QR code to be used in point-of-sale systems. The Scallop Card works by instantly converting the user’s cryptocurrency balance into local currency, allowing them to spend their digital assets in the real world.

In addition to the Scallop Card, Scallop offers different banking products such as accounts, digital/physical cards, and hardware wallets to strengthen the bridge between decentralized and centralized finance. Users can open multi-currency fiat accounts and spend them directly with virtual cards. They can also purchase cryptocurrencies directly with their fiat and use their Scallop cards to spend their crypto tokens in the real world.

The Scallop Card offers many benefits and features packed into a single card. It is secured for online and in-store payments, allowing users to pay for services online, buy gift cards, make donations, and more. The Scallop Card is a fiat-crypto card clubbed into one, allowing users to make basic expenses like buying coffee or groceries to major purchases with fiat or cryptocurrencies, online or in-store with a single tap.

Scallop customers are eligible for rewards such as “Crypto-Back,” an exclusive discount on trading and exchange fees when paying with the Scallop Card, and even more perks when they join the Elite Scallop Account Membership. They will also receive an eco-friendly Titanium metal card and will not need to worry about any monthly or annual charges for holding the Scallop Card.

The Scallop Card unlocks crypto opportunities and opens a world of possibilities for its users. Users can spend money with confidence, knowing that they have a secure and reliable way to access their digital assets in the real world. With the Scallop Card, the line between decentralized and centralized finance is further blurred, making it easier for users to manage their digital assets and participate in the crypto economy.

You can check out some of the incoming visuals of scallop users' testimony of their cards below 👇 ⬇️

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