Scallop Learn: Acquisition of Knowledge from Cradle to being a Pundit

3 min readMar 20, 2022


Since the evolution of bitcoin, there’s been a gradual increase in mass adoption contributing more to a lot of products providing services beneficial to users.

Top-tier projects have been built to offer better utility to everyone, the decentralized exchange has helped users with better collateralization, staking, and swapping of assets, centralized exchanges have also helped with providing several trading options, and lots more.

Cryptocurrency has been a ‘blessing’ and a ‘curse’. The problem associated with the good deeds of the cryptocurrency ecosystem is that users' accessibility to most products has also led to a lack of knowledge to be acquired by users. These days, we see a lot of users use a product with a major focus of only enjoying benefits without getting prior knowledge about its integration and utility.

To curb most of the problems associated with getting hold of knowledge associated with cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized finance, Scallop implemented a learning platform — ‘Scallop Learn’ which would aid users to get enlightened more on the cryptocurrency world at large, what blockchain entails, regulations and how most integrators occurs.

Learning how the blockchain sector operates can be quite cumbersome. Users tend to know how data are connected in a decentralized manner and how blocks are formed recording transactions but don’t really understand fully how the operation is done. You can meet up with a crypto user today, ask about terminology and they will appear like a noob because they are actually in for what they will benefit from in form of rewards not in to learn the technology.

They also get to use exchanges without knowing how collateralization works, how stakings and liquidity provision works

Scallop Learn would give its users exclusive access to learn more of:

  • Crypto Basic: In-depth explanation of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Metaverse, NFTs, Staking like its terminologies and functionalities. Many people still don’t understand the history of bitcoin, here, scallop would give you in detail about who created bitcoin, how it was created, the use cases of bitcoin, ethereum, the metaverse, how NFTs works, and many more.
  • DeFi: Users get to learn the art behind collateralization, borrowing and lending, and Compound Protocol
  • Regulations
  • Scallop: It’s DeFi & Banking, staking guide.

You can see, there’s really a lot to learn in the crypto space, and Scallop with its initiative — ‘Scallop Learn’ would put everyone on track to knowing in full detail what an entity represents. Why not be among the early learners by taking the huge step to learning well to becoming a pundit in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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