Scallop — Products & Its Utilization

  1. Overcoming costs when moving between fiat and DeFi environments.
  2. Making complex DeFi ecosystems and entry barriers simpler for everyday users.
  3. Overcoming the lack of convertibility in cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions.
  • Scallop Earn– Enjoy collateralized lending/borrowing using cryptocurrencies.
  • Scallop NFT — Buy, Sell and leverage digital content using a built-in NFT marketplace.
  • Scallop Banking Accounts — GBP/EUR banking accounts for daily use.
  • Scallop Cards- Virtual and physical debit cards for accounts.
  • Scallop Pay- You can pay for your goods using crypto/Defi tokens.
  • Scallop Multi-Currency Wallets — Multi-currency fiat wallets to store and spend.
  • Scallop Money transfer- Send fiat to anyone, anywhere in the world, using crypto.
  • Scallop Exchange- A venue to convert crypto/Defi tokens to fiat, vice versa.
  • Scallop Cold wallet — Store & Exchange fiat/crypto directly from cold wallets.
  • Scallop Chain — Enable cross-chain financial applications.
  • Securely store their crypto and fiat assets in one place.
  • Spend any digital coin or token in real-time without conversions or top-ups.
  • Receive salaries, send/receive money, and set up direct debits securely.

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