Scallop- USDT

  • The blockchain.
  • The protocol (Omni): This was put in place by tether to use their issued coins.
  • The Tether limited itself.

Why use Tether?

Tether Limited issues an asset-backed stablecoin that benefits from the advantages of both blockchain technology and fiat currency.

  • Multiple Blockchain support.
  • Unparalleled liquidity.
  • Widespread adoption.
  • 100% backed by tether reserves.
  • Fully transparent
  • USD — USDT
  • Peso — MXNT
  • GBP — GBPT
  • Chinese Yuan — CHNT

Where to buy Tether.

USDT and other representative tether coins are available to purchase on a multitude of Cryptocurrency Exchanges; including but not limited to Scallop Exchange.
Remember these are stable coins so their prices don’t fluctuate.
However, if their fiat counterparts increase or decrease in value, the number of goods and services that can be consumed changes.



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