Testnet — The key to effective products

2 min readFeb 3, 2023

We have been having a buzz in a lot of projects having to organize testnet programs and competitions for users to participate in but most people don’t really know what it entails.


As the name suggests, a testnet is a separate blockchain where developers can put new features without worrying about jeopardizing the main network. While a testnet is in use, developers keep looking for errors. They may also invite some users to try out the blockchain in order to get constructive feedback.

Once a feature has been trialed on a testnet, it may be introduced on the mainnet. Testnets can also provide a valuable simulation tool that enables people to experiment with cryptocurrencies and try new things without worrying about consequences.

The Scallop Testnet is Live and with Scallop Chain on the Testnet, users can become node validators by accumulating the Scallop token — $SCLP and securing the network.

Scallop Chain is a blockchain with a complete single-binary distribution focused on simplicity, speed, and developer ergonomics.

With an effective testnet process, users can get to improve the efficiency of the

utility or use cases which are:

  • Payment of Exchange/transaction fee.
  • Payment of monthly management fee.
  • Payment of Institutional management fees.
  • Payment of Bank transfer fee.
  • Payment of Loading and Unloading fees.
  • ATM fee.
  • Payment of token hosting fees.

All of these uses create a utility that creates demand for the token.

Some objectives of Scallop Chain.

  • To provide regulated services on a blockchain, protecting users from rug pulls and scams.
  • To provide a seamless fiat-to-crypto experience and vice versa, the fiat on-ramping available is not an efficient experience.
  • To allow users to spend crypto seamlessly and encourage mass adoption.

Infos about the Chain: to learn more & download the ScallopOfficial wallet 👇




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