Xscan making CELO accessible to Users

Unmarshal since its launch has proven to offer a lot of benefits to its users from the implementation of Dataverse down to the integration of multichain networks — Xscan.

Xscan has been one of the best products Unmarshal has built, It helps users get the easiest way to query Blockchain data from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot.

The XScan products have helped a lot of web3 users access asset balances & transactions. The integration of CELO will aid all CELO users to know where staking positions are, their holdings & lots more.

This integration will aid CELO users to get the listed benefits:

  • Unified Balances of all your crypto holdings: Xscan makes it easy to scan addresses via ens username or main address to get wallet balances of all crypt assets including newly integrated asset — Celo
  • Visual Cues and accurate transactions details: Xscan here will also give users the ability to get curated information on all transactions made by the wallet being queried.
  • Access LP Positions Staking: Users get to access all staking pools participated on in just one page.
  • Web Notifications: Xscan provides a free and instant notification on any transactions made from the wallet being queried.

XScan is vast becoming the google of blockchain, if you haven’t used xscan, now is the best time to get access to all multichain networks.

Access XScan here: http://xscan.io/

About Celo
Celo is a Layer 1 protocol and blockchain platform. Though the Celo chain is a fork of Ethereum, it has significant differences, including a proof-of-stake-based PBFT consensus mechanism. Celo has a global developer community, which has contributed to and built over 200 projects on the platform in support of its vision to build a financial system that creates the conditions of prosperity

About Unmarshal

Unmarshal is a Decentralized network of blockchain data indexers and transforming tools to power DeFi applications on any chain

For More Information about Unmarshal:
Website: https://unmarshal.io/
Telegram Group: https://t.me/joinchat/RRUIzbuhlA8-6Kjk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/unmarshal
Medium: https://medium.com/unmarshal-io

For any queries, reach out to us at info@unmarshal.io




Content Creator || Blockchain Ambassador || Public Speaker || Community Management. Reach out to me: ekerekepreciousimeh@gmail.com

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Content Creator || Blockchain Ambassador || Public Speaker || Community Management. Reach out to me: ekerekepreciousimeh@gmail.com

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